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Jeremy Tsang (T-SANG)
Interdisciplinary Visual Practise || Public Art || Incubator || Advocate

All Rights Reserved. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Whether constructed or produced, spaces are constantly being made – not merely by design, but more often by accident. They are open and dynamic and in a state of constant flux. At times they are implied rather than explicit, but apparent nonetheless.

Phenomenologically speaking, space is forever being negotiated and interpreted. This series of images explores what we have termed the “grammar of space” through a process of dissection, construction and deconstruction of space.

In collaboration with Leah Resnick.

http://t-sang.com/files/gimgs/th-92_Untitled_HDR2-photoshopflatcolorCAMERARAWedit4shutter_sat retouch_levels_v2.jpg