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A large scale communal sculptural couch that seeks to explore the notions of utilitarian and industrial designed objects. With the exhibition of this work being at outdoor summer festivals across Toronto, this work plays up the outdoor elements in a playful manner alike to how furniture are often packaged and wrapped up during transportation and delivery.

The title of the work, “Mikromaladang”, is a play on words from Cantonese and Greek origin which pays homage to industrial designers (in this case the two artist collaborators) where they would create a new word by combining various words to incorporate a larger meaning to describe their project. The assembled title contains fragments of meanings of being large, soft, hard, and small which alludes to the physicality of the actual work.

As part of the selection of PULP Reclaimed Art & Design Projects for this year’s street festivals across Toronto, Mikromaladang contains mainly reclaimed Etha-Foam from local mascot designers and makers in Toronto. Each piece of these foam materials (negative residual space) is informed by the original shapes and figures being craved by the local mascoteers. This sculptural couch dramatizes its value and alludes to a grandiose designer furniture through being created to be oddly oversized and ostentatious in shapes and then being hidden underneath usual packaging cloth material, industrial plastic wrapped and accessorized with bright coloured bungee cords.

This work has presented in both the Toronto Junction Summer Solstice Festival (Toronto, ON, Canada) and BIG on Bloor Festival (Bloordale, Toronto, ON, Canada) part of the PULP Art Party curation.

Collaboration with Steve Papadopoulos.