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'Model Homes' is an anthropological gaze into Canadian homes within this complex and ever-changing landscape of Canadian identity, heritage and culture. The title of this project is a play on the normal ideas of a ‘model home’ which is a display version showing the living spaces and features of a home. This growing survey explores the characteristics of homes through the ways they are built, maintained and transformed by their occupants.

As philosopher Alain de Button theorized “While a common reaction to seeing a thing of beauty is to want to buy it, our real desire may be not so much to own what we find beautiful as to lay permanent claim to the inner qualities it embodies.” This photographic exploration reveals that common underlying pursue in homeowners for their attainment to their ‘model home.’ What is unique is that these ideals differ from culture to culture and it is the intersection of how much homes are for private versus public enjoyment that appeals to the artist.

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